It all started when Ron Johnson's father (Harold Johnson) worked at Marsh Wimbush Ford, Inc. located 850 Bannock Street in Denver, Colorado in the 50's and drove Fords exclusively. When Ron learned to drive, his father convinced him to get an "older" Ford. He found and restored a 1956 Ford Victoria Two Door Hard Top which he drove through high school and years after, and still owns today. This began the life long passion Ron has for restoring and collecting mid-50's era Fords. Ron spent tireless hours searching for cars and parts when he began his business of restoring cars. He first began working out of his house with a two car garage! However, now he has a large facility to house his extensive collection of cars and parts.

Ron's philosophy for restoring any car is that it must be restored to stock standards. "If it isn't restored stock, it isn't restored right!" is Ron's motto. He has restored driver quality cars, to top of the line frame off restoration show cars. Ron has won many top prizes in car shows because of his attention to detail.

Because of his years of "junking", he has acquired a huge selection of parts, accessories and cars that he will not use and is now offering these for sale.