Ford Parts

Ford parts for 1952 to 1967.

1955 Ford Hood Latch Springs

Number available: 10

These will repair you your broken springs on your hood latch, they are an exact reproduction of the originals. I had them reproduced because they are broken on most cars.

1955 Ford Dash Bezels and Heater Control

Number available: 2

This a complete set of dash bezels for 1955 Ford. This includes all six small ones with one for the radio, one for the clock and complete control head for the heater. They all have excellent chrome with no pitting and the control head has an excellent plastic face.

1954 Ford Mercury Sunliner Power Window Regulators

Number available: 1

1967,1968, 1969, 1970 Ford Truck Exhaust Manifolds

Number available: 1

Excellent condition with no cracks or brakes, fits the FE motors, part numbers C5TE-9431-B and DOTE-9430-A

1969 Ford Exhaust Manifold

We are sorry, this item is out of stock.

Excellent condition with no cracks or brakes, part number C9OE-9430-B

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