1963 Ford Galaxie XL 427 Convertible

Number available: 1

This is one of last 1963 Ford Galaxie XL 427 4 speed ( R ) code Convertibles left. They built less than 50 of them and makes it one of the rarest 1963 Ford ever built, and is the most sought after for a collector. This car has all the correct matching numbers. The engine, heads, crank. balancer, intake manifold and carburetors, headers, fuel log, linkage, air cleaner, T-10 4 speed transmission, shifter, every part this car came with new are still with the car today. Please see pictures of the engine. The engine has been professionally rebuilt by a man who has worked on 427 for forty years. The car is black with a black interior and a white top. It has 91,000 miles on the odometer and still has the factory paint on it except for the drivers door, which was replaced when the car was around 4 years. The only rust is in the right rear quarter behind the rear wheel, around the size of a dollar bill. I also see one other spot on the brace in right rear of the trunk about the size of a golf ball. The rest of the car looks very good, the floor after lifting up the carpet still has black paint on it and is excellent condition. The rockers and the other quarter look very solid also. There is no major damage on the frame, front end or cross members, or one the bottom of the floor pans. It has some minor damage on both rear quarters in the very back by the tail lights, it almost the same on both sides, but would be very easy to repair. It has all the correct 15” high-performance wheels and all 4 of the spinner wheel covers in excellent condition, which were taken off when the car was new and mag wheels were put on. The car also has lots of extra trim, grill, front fenders, hood and miscellanies parts that go with the car. All the pot metal and latches handles, everything that needs plated have very minor pitting, and will plate fine.

History on this car.
The guy I bought the car from was the second owner and had owned the car since 1967. ( Ted is his name) told me the complete story on this car. The car sold new in Grand junction Colorado in the spring of 1963 at Western slope Ford. Ted was in school when the shop teacher ordered this car new after riding in a 427 hardtop. Ted remembered going to the dealership and riding home with the shop teacher when the car was new. His teacher drove it as an everyday car. In 1967, they took the car to high school drag races and on the 3rd run the car through # 1 rod. They took the car back to the school shop and pulled the motor out and found the problem. At this time, the teacher was offered a different teaching job in California and had to move before the new school year started. The problem was he had a car that could not be driven and did not know what to do with it. Ted offered to buy the car from him if he could make payments. They agreed on $ 1000.00. Ted got married right out of school and making payments were hard and did not get it paid off until 1971. He had put a 390 in the car so he had something to drive and always wanted to put the 427 back in the car and restore it someday, but never got around to it. In 1979-80 when the gas prices went up to over $1.00 per gallon he parked in the garage and it did not move until I bought it from him in Oct of 2010. In all the years the car was in Grand junction Ted said he never drove it further than a 50-mile radius, he said even with the 390 in the car you could not afford to go any further.